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Semi-automatic Filling Machine

Family ice cream filling machine runs in an intermittent linear manner, with two heads filling and bottling soft ice cream simultaneously. The machine can mainly be used to manufacture big family cup ice cream, combining a wide range of functions such as cup discharging(by hand), filling, flower topping, jam charging, and products pushing out(by hand).
The machine features a light and eye-pleasant
  • Main drive

    The main gearing of the machine adopts cylinder control, Intermittent transmission adopts cylinder mechanism, stable transmission and precise positioning. 

    Operating Principle

    Major working positions adopt cylinder control systems, boasting advantages of fast and nimble response, zero noise and zero pollution. All working positions will be under unified control of PLC, enabling convenient operation and high automation level.

    The machine features a light and eye-pleasant style and advantages of convenient and easy operation, fast and one-stop washing and disinfections. It is an especially ideal choice for medium and small sized enterprises to produce family cup ice cream. 

    Basic Features

    • PLC-controlled time filler
    • Programmable filling sequence
    • Minimum of space in the production area required
    • Uniform product shape 
    • Rapid, easy cleaning after use
    • Worktable with adjustable height
    • Adjustable container guides

    Electrical and Pneumatic system

    All the electrical part put into the stainless steel box

    Siemens PLC & screen, Schneider electrical part

    Pneumatic part is FESTO